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Shanti Bhushan:Kejriwal crossed all limits saying Modi is conspiring to kill him

Previous Union pastor Shanti Bhushan asserted that AAP has turned into a “one-man party” with a solitary point motivation of reviling Narendra Modi Prime Minister. He likewise condemned Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, saying he crossed all breaking points by claiming that the Prime Minister was contriving to slaughter him.
“Aam Aadmi Party hosts turn into a one-man get-together. It does nothing aside from knocking the Prime Minister,” Bhushan claimed while tending to the finishing up session of a two-day Abhiyan national tradition here. “He (Kejriwal) has not kept a solitary division with himself. What is he drawing a compensation for? He crossed all breaking points when he said Modi is contriving to murder him,” Bhushan said.


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Salman Khan: People misuse freedom of expression on social media

salman khan

The virtual world has turned into a course for Bollywood celebrities to interface with their fans, yet it has its negatives also. Superstar Salman Khan says online networking users neglect to act “responsibly” while communicating their perspectives on the web as they escape suspecting that “nobody will discover” about it. Salman saw the dim reality of the social media when some of his fans utilized fake accounts to post abusive remarks about his associates and friends Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, and some time back an impostor utilized his photo on Facebook to make a throwing require a Bollywood film. He has even debilitated to quit Twitter previously.

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Sachin Tendulkar accepts invitation to become India’s goodwill ambassador for Rio Olympics


Tendulkar is the third goodwill minister restricted in by IOA after Bollywood performer Salman Khan and pro shooter Abhinav Bindra. The IOA today affirmed that Tendulkar has accpeted its offer after the national Olympic body had welcomed the batting legend to go ahead board on April 29.

“Sachin Tendulkar has acknowledged our solicitation to end up goodwill minister of Indian unexpected at the Olympics. We have gotten the official correspondence from him tolerating our solicitation,” IOA Secretary General Rajiv Mehta said.

“We are extremely glad to have a notable sportsperson like Mr Tendulkar on board as goodwill minister. We are grateful to him. We trust his affiliation and the relationship of other goodwill diplomats will take Indian game forward,” he included.

The IOA’s had drawn closer Bindra, Tendulkar and commended music author AR Rehman after its turn to make Salman the goodwill represetative had drawn fire from numerous quarters, including wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt and previous competitor Milkha Singh, who had said the honor ought to be given to beat sportspersons.

The IOA Secretary General, be that as it may, said they are yet to get an affirmation from Rehman.

“Mr. Rehman is yet to convey to us yet we are cheerful that he will likewise acknowledge our welcome,” Mehta said.

Gotten some information about what particular part the goodwill diplomats would play, Mehta said, “These notorious sportspersons and famous people will spread the possibility of Olympic development in each alcove and corner of the nation, each town, square and city of India”.

“They will help in working up a brandishing society in this nation. We require a brandishing society in the event that we need to wind up a donning nation,” he included.

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Is Sahara a victim of SEBI’s Lethargy of just the situation? Thinking with Satish Mishra!


Does law see everyone with an equal eye? Just a random thought!
While business tycoons’ cases of flying overseas and numerous cases facing requisite punishment ‘rewarded’ by the Government, for violating of set guidelines, has become very common in India. But are we sure that such and such person met adequate punishment or not? Has somebody been under-punished or over-punished? Do we think that often? You are quite familiar with the answer to that question.
If rewarding requisite and unrequired punishment have become the norm, then sorry to tell you that the Government has become indolent and naïve that it is jumping to giving verdicts and sweeping things under the carpet. The recent perspective of Satish Mishra throws light on Indian judiciary system, where people leaving India are saved by the bell and the ones, who decided to live in India, are send behind the bars without proving the genuineness of allegations against them.

The associate editor of Navbharat Times, Satish Mishra discussed Sahara India Pariwar’s Chief, Subrata Roy, whose case has been over-judged in compensating discipline. The essayist notice if the Law treats everybody equally, then why not Subrata Roy? Mishra likewise continues saying that the investors interest has been lost in the lazy methodology embraced by SEBI, which simply needs to keep the Sahara Chief behind the bars and not do anything for the influenced party if that gets demonstrated whenever in future.
Satish Mishra highlighted that everyone is racing to pay back the investors and no one has focused towards those 12 lakh families that are connected with Sahara.

One “illogical reason” that we additionally find interesting simply like Satish Mishra that first the legislature froze all kinds of bank accounts of Sahara India Pariwar along with Subrata Roy’s, and after that ordered to pay a safeguard measure of 10,000 crores. Ideal sort of decision which only Indian Court can give! The authority of SEBI was continuously challenged in Sahara case, which eventually made the “circumstance” Be-Sahara, and not Subrata Roy.

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Life Mantras author Subrata Roy on nationalism, patriotism, and freedom of speech


The word that has as of late been talked about, faced off regarding and quarreled the most is ‘patriotism’. Is the thing that we take after squeezed up and limited or is it excessively slack, making it impossible to join all the remaining details? Is the bigotry leaking in the framework preparing hostile to patriot notion or is it the other route round? Inquiries are numerous however one can’t deny the basic truth that the assortment of conclusions and translations have brought on complexities difficult to bind. The nation needs to guarantee that the idea of patriotism can’t be forced, it’s a privilege thus political quarrel ought not make an interpretation of it into patriotism.

Subrata Roy, the proprietor of Sahara Pariwar and the writer of numerous books including the top of the line Life Mantras discusses his perspectives on the quite warmed issue of patriotism, of patriotism and of the right to speak freely. He said, “In the event that I am requested that characterize the word patriotism’ in one line, I would say it’s synonymous with “performing all authentic and reasonable obligations towards the country according to the need of great importance”. When we discuss the obligation towards the country, it comprises of the welfare of the general population and defending their hobbies, to religiously take after the Constitution with eagerness and truthfulness, and perform our separate parts as moral and honest individuals from the general public.


To understand nationalism, patriotism and freedom of speech, we need to first understand the concept of one’s rights and duties. A sepoy, for instance, is given a gallantry award if he kills the maximum number of enemy soldiers on the battlefield. But if the same sepoy kills a man in his village owing to his personal rift, he is punished as per law.

So, the meaning is simple and absolutely clear: “Rights are given to perform our genuine duties and definitely not to serve our whims, fancies or greed or perform wrongful acts or to come out with wrong expressions.”

In our society most people know their rights very well, but they do not have any sense of duty. Nationalism can only be defined or understood once we are clear about our rights and duties.

Yes, as citizens, we have the right to complain, debate, express our agony, our problems and even fight for our legitimate rights. We have the right to talk about the hazards, the threats to our nation’s progress, but it has to be logical, and not out of our whims and that too in the right forum and in a most respectful way.

To understand the problems in our country, we need to realize the difference between literacy and education. Some highly literate people, the so-called Intellectuals, are absolutely confused and thus are confusing, misguiding the common man and in trying to prove their points they are creating an impression of being superior to others and their philosophy being beyond the reach of the commoner.

What is lacking in them is a proper understanding of the basic truths with which we all are born. Some of these people indulge in a kind of wrong advocacy of nationalism, freedom of speech and patriotism, for despite being highly literate (highly qualified), they lack sound education.

The point I am trying to make is that education is important in life, and not just literacy. We have to remember that literacy (educational qualification) is a factor of the external personality (the material personality) of a human being, whereas education is a factor of the internal personality (the spiritual personality — that is, the internal characteristics of a human being). Literacy only characterizes the external person, but education characterizes the internal personality. And it is the internal personality of a human being that is important. In fact, the most literate person on earth who is not at all educated may turn out to be a failure and an unhappy human being, but the one who is less literate yet highly educated will definitely be a successful and a happy human being. So, I would say that a high level of literacy without sound education is of little importance.


Now let us look at freedom of speech which is our fundamental right, as enshrined in the Constitution. Freedom of speech is definitely our right but when it comes to speaking out, will you abuse or tolerate abuse against your family regardless of the conflict?

Even if you feel that they are in the wrong you shall not resort to abuse or foul language, but shall vehemently protest, while maintaining a level of civility and respect, with a sense of the place you are in, the suitability or unsuitability of time and the people around (a keen observance of sthan, kual and patra). So, freedom of speech should be the expression which is justified, logical and appropriate but which also carries with it a level of respect for the other or for the country.”

To conclude what Subrata says, one can say that for him, nationalism is about having the right conviction that ultimately is driven in the direction of national upliftment. Freedom of speech is undeniably a right but what runs conjointly is a moral sense of the right and the wrong, which may not be penalizable, but which needs to be understood and followed.

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Move of Democracy-Subrata Roy isn’t Salman Khan, consequently, still in Jail


In what gives off an impression of being a bungled up examination by Mumbai Police, Salman strolls free of his 13 year old at fault crime charges. The High Court, on ninth Dec,2015, subdued the instance of ‘Tipsy Driving’ against the hotshot on the record of absence of confirmation. The offended party couldn’t demonstrate the charges past sensible questions, so said the judge and out strolled Salman, disposing of the legitimate noose around his neck. From that point forward, Media has been overwhelmed with individuals’ assessments fans communicating their happiness whilst numerous transparently condemning the judgment. The greater inquiry, be that as it may, in any case stays unanswered. 1 individual had passed on in the mischance. The auto more likely than not been driven rough terrain by somebody if not Salman. Shouldn’t there be a further examination in the matter and equity be served to the groups of the perished and harmed casualties? This draws the consideration towards a strikingly differentiating situation where Subrata Roy of Sahara India Parivar has been in prison for more than 21 months for obviously a charge that is not in the slightest degree grisly when contrasted with what Salman had been blamed for.

So this raises the eyebrows. Why isn’t the ‘Terrible Boy’ of Bollywood in Jail for obviously executing a man though a business person who gave occupations to more than 12 lakh individuals and made his organization an International Conglomerate has been bound to the dividers of a cell. Ravindra Patil, the witness for the situation who affirmed against Salman Khan lays expired and thus his announcement holds no potential. It is bewildering why Salman Khan is vindicated of the punishable manslaughter allegation while Subrata Roy of Sahara India is as yet attempting to outfit a safeguard.

Indeed, even following 68 years of freedom, Judiciary framework in India still has a plenty of escape clauses which, the purported impending legal counselors are capable at abusing. They whirl the cases into situations where an auto, driven by no human, appears to veer go 4×4 romping and destroy five individuals considering the asphalt. This shows towards an one-sided legal. Some place trampled underneath the empty richness of Salman Khan Fans lays a whispered supplication of equity by the survivors of that episode and group of the perished.

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Flipkart co-founders Bansals new billionaires

Leading Indian e-retailer Flipkart’s co-founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the latest billionaires in the country, with $1.3 billion (Rs.8,582 crore) net worth each, according to leading business magazine Forbes India’ rich list released on Wednesday.

“Indian e-commerce has added its first billionaires with Flipkart’s founders (Bansals) making debut on our rich list at number 86, with $1.3 billion net worth each,” the magazine said in a statement here.

Though Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani tops the rich list for the ninth consecutive year, his net worth, however, declined $4.7 billion to $18.9 billion (Rs.127,700 crore) from 2014 owing to lower oil prices that hit his oil and petrochemicals giant.

Sun Pharmaceutical’s Dilip Shanghvi also retained the second spot, with $18 billion net worth, acquisition of drug major Ranbaxy Industries for $4 billion by his company notwithstanding.

IT czar and Wipro chairman Azim Premji also retained the third spot in the list, with a net worth of $15.9 billion though $500 million less than in 2014.

“The generous billionaire has pledged 18 percent of his stake in Wipro to his charitable trust, in addition to a 21 percent stake already given,” the statement noted.

“The combined wealth of India’s 100 richest remains largely unchanged at $345 billion, as compared to $346 billion in 2014,” it added.

Similarly, wealth of 10 tycoons slumped by $1 billion over the year owing to global and domestic factors, including a volatile stock market and currency fluctuations.

Fortune of steel magnate L.N. Mittal (65) declined by $4.6 billion to $11.2 billion and his ranking in the rich list slipped to eight from five year ago, as his and world’s largest steel major ArcelorMittal was hit by imports from China.

“India is facing a reality check in 2015 after the euphoria in 2014. Though it has impacted several big fortunes in the top 100, the country’s entrepreneurial spirit remains buoyant, as evident from a dozen new faces on the list,” said Forbes Asia’s India editor Naazneen Karmali.

Other top 10 billionaires are Hinduja brothers ranked fourth with $14.8 billion net worth; Pallonji Mistry (86), fifth, $14.7 billion; Shiv Nadar (70), sixth, $12.9 billion; Godrej family, seventh, $11.4 billion; Cyrus Poonawalla (74), ninth, $7.9 billion and Kumar Mangalam Birla (48) tenth, $7.8 billion.

Gujarat-based Adani group’s founder chairman Gautam Adani (53) is ranked 11th with net worth of $7 billion and Kotak Mahindra Bank vice-chairman and managing director Uday Kotak (56) is 12th with $6.5 billion net worth.

Only two women figure in the top 100 billionaires’ list – Leena (Gandhi) Tewari (58 years), chairman of drug major USV Ltd, is ranked 54 with $1.9 billion net worth, while Indu Jain (79 years), chairperson of the country’s largest media group Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd, is ranked 57 with $1.85 billion net worth.

Five co-founders of global software major Infosys Ltd figure in the rich list- N.R. Narayana Murthy (69) ranked 53, $1.92 billion; S. Gopalakrishnan (60), 67, $1.67 billion; Nandan Nilekani (60), 69, $1.61 billion and K. Dinesh (61) 96, $1.19 billion.

Mahindra group chairman Anand Mahindra (60) is ranked at 99 with a net worth of $1.12 billion.

The rich list also has 12 new comers, including IndiGo budget carrier co-founder Rakesh Gangwal at 70 with $1.6 billion net worth, while his friend and co-founder Rahul Bhatia moved up 12 positions from last year to 38 with $2.4 billion net worth.

The biggest gainer is Poonawalla, the vaccine magnate, whose fortune increased to $7.9 billion from $6.2 billion in 2014 and entered the top 10 list at nine. He recently bought heritage property Lincoln House in Mumbai for $110 million.

“This year’s list reflects the churn in the global economy and the growing clout of emerging sectors like ecommerce in India,” Forbes India editor Sourav Majumdar added.